What drives us

Our partnership with our clients is based on three core values: service, expertise and innovation.

Personal service

We take the time to really get to know you and your organisation. We believe this direct dialogue and understanding are vital if we are going to successfully identify your risk management goals, develop targeted strategies and measures and put these into action.

To make sure that we achieve your goals within your agreed timeframe, we also maintain regular contact with you, seeking your feedback and input throughout the process.

We believe that personal service is about taking the time to develop greater understanding and achieve goals collectively.

We’re passionate about our railways; for us, they’re so much more than a simple means of getting from A to B.

For us, personality means taking the time to develop a deep understanding and to achieve goals together.​

Rail is not just a means of transport, it is our passion.

Specialist expertise

Most companies in the railway sector have a complex and varied risk profile. Developing the right insurance therefore requires an in-depth understanding of the market, industry trends and specific risks involved. As rail insurance specialists, we have exactly the expertise you need to develop a customised policy that meets your specific needs and requirements.


As a specialist broker with a long history and a forward-thinking approach, we pride ourselves on offering seamless service and complete peace of mind.

Thanks to our unique combination of customised policies, European-wide cover, service portal and innovative processes and technologies, we are ideally placed to provide companies with the personal insurance service they deserve.

Together, we can shape your future – for many years to come.